About us …

We are a Goddess oriented Earth based Shamanic healing group in the Celtic Tradition, with spiritual influence from Robert Cochran and also1734. We observe the Moon by the Coligny calendar, and celebrate 8 Sabbats of the year, as well as life milestone ceremonies. The cycle of the year guides our goals and we direct our magick to flow with the natural seasons.

We are a fertility religion concerned with all aspects of prosperity, abundance, creativity, growth and healing, also working for the veneration and protection of the natural world promoting awareness of Mother Earth and all Her creatures. We believe that self-reliance and self-discipline are of great importance in magickal work. Creating sacred space, raising energy together and grafting our will with positive energy brings into existence the desired results. We encourage creativity in circle structure. Self reflection, meditation and various study programs are tailored for each individual apprentice. There is legal ordination available through a traditional hierarchical order. However this three degree system in no way makes any of us better than the other, rather, the cords are a way of representing those who have dedicated themselves to the Path of the High Priest or High Priestess. Some folks would like to attend on a more casual basis with no particular responsibilities or duties but may be called upon, if willing, to assist in some rituals. The Priests and Priestesses rotate as leaders of our sacred ceremonies so that everyone has the opportunity to create rituals.

The Celtic Witan Church was originally formed to further the study and practice of the traditional spiritual beliefs of the ancient Celtic peoples, particularly those of the British Isles. We honor and celebrate different Deities of those ancient Celtic peoples.

The Celtic Witan Church (est. 1984 and incorporated 1992) is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization chartered in accord with the laws of California.