The Celtic Witan Church is based on its first congregation, MoonDance Coven, which has been in continuous operation and providing services for the Pagan community of the Greater Los Angeles area since the mid-80’s. In 1984 MoonDance was begun by a group of midwives to preform a fertility ritual for one of the founding members. Realizing that the ritual empowered them and filled an empty space in their lives the group arranged to meet, with first rituals being Equinox and Solstice and then regularly since August of 1984. After much hard work the CWC was incorporated in 1992, the church’s first group, MoonDance met in Canoga Park, California. MoonDance moved to New Mexico in 2005.
Various members of the group have hived, forming other Covens. The first was MoonShadow in 2004 (now inactive) Key to the Moon in 2006, and Moon song in 2014
Currently, the CWC has groups functioning in 3 states.

Our logo consists of the Owl and the Stag as they are the totem animals of the church.

Within the heart of the Owl we find wisdom and upon the tangs of the Stag… ourselves.