Links to Web Resources

The following list of web links refer to resources useful to CWC members and to others whose spiritual paths align with ours. We hope these help you in your journey.

If you find links that are broken, or need updating, please let us know.

– blessed be,
The Celtic Witan Church


RIP Witchvox: “the Witches Voice” had been one of the largest world wide pagan resource page. Was used to find groups, events, other pagans, news stories and more.

Coligny Calendar   Origin and Explanation of the Coligny Calendar from Jones’ Celtic Encyclopedia. Mary Jones Celtic webpage has lots of good information.

Donald Duck in MathMagic Land  This 1959 Disney cartoon contains many profound truths about the mysteries of number and nature, with a particularly informative treatise on the Pentacle and it’s relationship to the Golden Mean, Pythagoras and classical Greek civilization. The Wild Hunt, responsible pagan news reporting.

Online catalogue ( Embassy of the Free Mind, online resource to digitized ancient and other occult texts.