Mental Health and Support for staying healthy and happy

There is increased evidence that a healthy spiritual outlet is good for your overall wellbeing. Preparing for and preforming rituals increases the good grooves in your brain, which in turn can increase happiness.

The Celtic Witan Church started primarily as a healing group and many of our ceremonies contain a healing portion within the ritual. We use many different healing techniques and some of us are Reiki practitioners. Our HPs Sarina is a Reiki master and offers teaching of this art for free. Sage Blossom Reiki – Reiki classes, reiki therapy, energy healing (


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return to nature

Getting into nature is one of the best ways to ground our bodies. We can feel the connection to the Earth and all that she has to offer in a natural setting.  Witches have known this to be true and tend to worship in the out-of-doors whenever possible. This helps with over all health and well being. Each group has their own ways of connecting to the Natural world around us. Like it is said in song, “Spirit of the Earth, carry me home to myself.”

Forests Heal:

There is increasing evidence that nature, forests and green spaces can improve your overall health, read more; Immerse Yourself in a Forest for Better Health – NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

The Wild Hunt:

Treating depression in a Pagan context | Living, Paganism ( The wild Hunt is a Pagan blog magazine, with responsible in depth pagan reporting.