Key to the Moon Coven

Key to the Moon Coven is a chartered congregation of the Celtic Witan Church hived from MoonDance by Iriss Firebird at Imbolc 2006. We’re located in the West San Fernando Valley.

Our goal is to guide the seeker to self realized spiritual awareness. We draw on the teachings of our ancient Celtic ancestors and those of the lands we dwell upon now. Connecting with the energy of the land is an integral part of our circling, therefor much of the meetings and lessons are out “in the field”.  Members are encourage to find their specialties in the Craft and to bring their talents forward to enhance the group. Each learning from the other. Our Craft is very hands on, working with energy can be that way! One on one sponsorship is rare, leaving ownership of the desire to request a mentor to the student. Our group is generally small and have found focus is better with fewer members. There is an annual spring campout in our local mountains, and the Witch Weed Walks, is an informative series of short hikes geared to the herbalist and magical seeker.

We are currently accepting the new members. Some of our activities are listed here San Fernando Valley Green Witches | Facebook

“Tar Isteach Agus Failte Rot”…so mote it be… Iris