Coligny Calendar

One version of the Coligny Calendar.

Months (Moonths?) begin at the New Moon.
Each tabulated month, below, should have the following month appended to it,
to indicate that the Coligny month begins in the listed calendar month, but will
extend into the next month.

Thus, “October” below may be read as


meaning that the month of Saminos begins at the new moon of October.

Month          Gaulish           Meaning              Notes
---------     -----------        ------------------   --------
Oct/Nov	      Saminos            Seed Fall
Nov/Dec       Dumannios          Darkest Depths
Dec/Jan       Riuros             Cold Time
Jan/Feb       Anagantios         Stay Home Time         1
Feb/Mar       Ogronios           Time of Ice            
Mar/Apr       Cutios             Time of Winds          
Apr/May       Giamonios          Shoot Show             2
May/Jun       Simivisonnos       Time of Brightness     3
Jun/Jul       Equos              Horse Time             4
Jul/Aug       Elembivios         Claim Time             5
Aug/Sep       Edrinios           Arbitration Time       6
Sep/Oct       Cantlos            Song Time              7


1-lit. ‘unable to go out’

2-Burgeoning seeds.

3-The Sun is at its zenith.

4-Season for visiting and traveling

5-Marriages contracted and cases presented to the judges at fairs.

6-Claims have been judged and a reckoning awarded.

7-Poets end their circuit of the land and settle for wintering in.

A thirteenth lunation was termed mid-Saminos.

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