These are the High Priests and High Priestesses listed as clergy in the Celtic Witan Church. Those of active status are eligible to preform legal clergy services. The members are listed by the covens they were associated to. MoonDance=MD, MoonShadow=MS, Key to the Moon=KTTM, MoonSong=MS, Oak and Ogham Moon=OOM.

(Updated : July 2022)

Iris FirebirdMoonDance/Key to the MoonActive
Elizabeth PriscaroMoonDance/MoonShadow Active
Kristi RavenMoonDanceActive
Sarina OwlMoonKey to the MoonActive
Craig SchwartzKTTM/Oak and Ogham MoonActive
Raven Reed
Kari SproulMDInactive
Eben BrooksMDInactive
Elizabeth RunyonMoonDanceActive
Morgan Fitz Gibbon KTTMRetired
Diana McCaulMD/KTTMInactive