These are the clergy in the Celtic Witan Church, listed by the covens they were associated to. MoonDance=MD, MoonShadow=MS, Key to the Moon=KTTM, MoonSong=MS, Oak and Ogham Moon=OOM.

(Updated : March 2021)

Iris FirebirdKey to the MoonActive
Elizabeth PriscaroMoonDance/MS Active
Kristi RavenMoonDanceActive
Sarina OwlMoonKey to the MoonActive
Craig SchwartzKTTM/Oak and Ogham MoonActive
Raven Reed
Kari SproulMDInactive
Eben BrooksMDInactive
Elizabeth RunyonMoonDanceActive
Morgan Fitz Gibbon KTTMRetired
Diana McCaulMD/KTTMInactive