The Celtic Witan Church and all of her sister covens have Priests and Priestess available for a variety of services including:

*Legal Handfastings- Please check this page for active members If you need clergy services for matrimony more than 50 miles in range from Priest/Priestess, compensation in gas and lodging will be necessary, all clergy set their own fees for marriage ceremonies.

*Blessingways and Sainings- For the expectant mother a Blessingway ceremony affirms the mother and the life she is about to bear. Saining, much like a christening blesses and protects the newborn into a pagan lifestyle.

*Coming of age ceremonies- Puberty is a large hurdle for your kids, celebrate your blossoming children as they cross this threshold.

*Life milestone rituals:

Saging- For men who have seen much of life and have become wise in their years. Custom celebrations honor you position in life. Can be gender neutral.

Croning- For women who have reached a certain age, usually past childbearing years. Custom celebrations honor your station in life. Can be gender neutral.

Graduates- Of all ages, Kindergarten, Middle School, High School, College, Music school, Art Academy etc… whenever you have a cause to celebrate a culmination of work, bless your advancement with ceremony.

Requiems- When a loved one dies a crossing over ritual helps the living cope with the loss.

*House Blessings/ Cleansings/ Wardings- New homes need your blessings! Old homes need your blessings! In the cases of the creepy crawlies your home might need a spiritual cleansing! In need of extra protection?, Wardings can prevent future creepy crawlies from entering.

*Spiritual Counseling- Many of our Witches are skilled in the lessons of life, we can help by listening or steering you to resources that will help when in crisis.

All our Witches work on a sliding scale and may consider barter for services. Only legal marriage requires a clergy person the other services may be performed by any Priest or Priestess of the CWC.