What we Believe

WE Believe:

The Great Mother Goddess as the Creatrix of the Universe. She-Who-Was-Before created the Universe and all things therein.

That all things contain Universal Intelligence, that we are are One with the Universe and with all things, sentient or not, contained therein. We are a part of all things, and all things are a part of us.

That Nature and all Her creatures must be revered and protected. We vow to to work for the preservation and protection of of the Earth, Her creatures, Her air, water and lands, and the Universe beyond.

In the balance of Nature , in the ebb and flow, the waxing and waning, the masculine and feminine, the active and receptive balance in all things, and each other, no matter how you identify yourself. The image of God and Goddess represents this balance in our lives.

In the reincarnation of souls, believing we are born, grow, mature, decline, die, repose and are reborn many times over many lifetimes. Each sojourn ‘begins’ and ‘ends’ in the Womb of our Mother, the Great Cauldron of Regeneration. We may or may not remember any past sojourns, but know that they nevertheless influence this and all future incarnations.

That the nature of Time is cyclical, with the turning of the Wheel of the Year marking the seasons of our lives. each complete turn finds us in the same quarter yet farther out in the spiral than we were the year before. As our life spirals outward, we expand and grow until our death. At re-birth we begin the spiral anew.

In Polymorphic Monotheism . Just as white light can be broken into all the colors of the rainbow, so can the One be seen in many lights. Each of our Deities represents a small part of the whole. All Gods and Goddesses are are part of the One, and the One is a part of each God or Goddess.

That we ARE the Gods. Each of us contains all aspects of the Gods and the Goddess, ie: “the One”. We only have to call upon those aspects to aid in our own lives. Using the names and attributes of different Gods and Goddesses is merely a device to visualize that aspect with which we wish to work with at any given time.

The Gods live on after us. That while each of us contains all aspects of the Gods, and that those aspects are Universal and are therefore indestructible and capable of interdependent life as Godforms, as are we.

In self determination. That humans have free will and must therefore accept full responsibility for their lives decisions and actions, as well as any and all consequences deriving there from.

In the power of Magick and the Elements of the Natural world to aid spiritual growth, alter physical reality, bring about insights, and ease emotional tension. The ethical formulation and casting of spells is an integral part of our religious life.